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A West Texas Tradition

There is just something about it… A nice fall afternoon, spent in the great outdoors with friends and family; it does a body good. And every October hundreds of friends and families gather in San Angelo, Texas for one of the best West Texas Traditions around- The Cinch Roping Fiesta. This thing is legendary in many circles. It’s that time of year the rowdies gather to celebrate one great piece of rodeo: Roping.
The San Angelo Outdoor Roping Arena has hosted just about every great in the sport of Calf Roping and Steer Roping in its going on 59 year rich history. Legends continue to their reign, and newcomers play with the big dogs.


It is hard for me to pick my favorite part of the Cinch Roping Fiesta. Saturday’s events always include an invitational calf roping, that includes many of the top calf ropers in the nation. The national champions. Its like the National Finals- but with 40 instead of 15. The Match Roping is also part of Saturday’s activities. And honestly, it has to be a front runner for many as the favorite. Two men go head-to-head in a twelve calf match. Winner take all $20,000 (the RICHEST match roping there is). It’s nail biting. It’s about endurance- not how fast you can be on one head- but twelve. This year we get to see Tuf Cooper battle it out against Cody Ohl. Cody has won more match ropers than anyone in San Angelo; it’s become Cody’s match. Tuf beat him in 2010. One of Cody’s three losses in 16 matches. Last year Cody beat Tuf. History suggests if Tuf losses this year, he is out and a new opponent for Cody will be selected. Will youth or experience prevail? Only time will tell.


Sunday has always included a steer roping. One of the most traditional events in the sport of rodeo. Again, this invitational steer roping brings the biggest names to town to compete. The newest addition to the Cinch Roping Fiesta is the Double Mugging, which too runs in the most entertaining competition. When two cowboys try to rope and tie a 500 pound calf, things can get a little western. There is guaranteed to be a few thrills and spills along with way.


The best part of the weekend though is promoting the Western way of life. Ensuring that youth will be able to enjoy events like this. To promote a lifestyle.

Who We Are

So, who is the San Angelo Stock Show and Rodeo Association. No,  I do not mean What. I mean Who. Who are we as a group of people?


We Are…

  • 1,000 Selfless People who donate our time, energy and efforts to making events better
  • West Texans. We believe in being friendly. And helpful. And generous.
  • Rodeo. We love rodeo. Every aspect of it.
  • Agriculture oriented. We raise livestock. We raise crops. We feed and cloth the world.
  • Dedicated to our Family, Friends and Organizations.

I know that every volunteer organization says that they have the best volunteers on Earth. But we do. We really do. We may not have the quantity of volunteers that other organizations have but we have the QUALITY. And we will take QUALITY over QUANTITY any day.


They say you are what you do… And we will take that to, because what we do is no small feat.



  • Run one of the top 2 rodeos in the nation in total entries.
  • Operate one of the top livestock shows in the nation in junior show entries.
  • Facilitate the largest economic impact event to the city of San Angelo.
  • Offer second to none hospitality.
  • Carry on the West Texas legacy.
  • Earn our spurs.

Do you want to earn your Spurs?

Do you want to join us? Be a part of our We?